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Finally, a website that says free trial and does not ask for your credit card. Please just validate you are a human and get your factory to the next level today. 

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A manufacturing platform that works for you an your customers

Duform Inc; a manufacturing technology company was founded by a couple of Makers with a small CO2 laser in a 500 sqft shop. As the factory grew to over 25,000 sqft so did our needs for an advanced manufacturing ERP system.


This manufacturing platform is designed by manufactures for manufacturers. 

Ask our AI any questions about our company, service or products we offer


Empower your 

By allowing your customers to take control of their own quoting, file preparation and shipping needs, you can get back to what you do best, offering high quality manufacturing in a timely manner. 

Set the price and time

Choose how fast you want to get your orders to your clients and how much margin you want to achieve. 

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clean cnc files

Allow your clients to clean their own CNC files with our powerful CNCLEAN tool. This tool eliminates the possibility of errors made by the manufacturer when cleaning files on behalf of the client.


dynamic design tool

DDT is a dynamic design environment, allowing your clients to make their own from predetermined geometry. whether you are making a pipe flange of a sign for your country house, DDT is a great tool with the for the average punter. 


MYAI - technical SHEPARD 

MYAI is our AI tool; designed to guide your clients through the design and manufacturing process. It could be simple questions like "what economical plywood has a nice finish" to more advanced questions such as, "what grade of plastic is suitable for food processing and can be machine easily in 2.5D".  


Maintenance and parts library

Register your machinery in your DuPortal for maintenance and repair resources. 

Our set by step guide will ensure you perform the best services on your equipment and fast delivery of any parts and consumables from our warehouse. 


Tailored for Manufacturers, by Experts

Our software suite is tailored to address the specific challenges faced by manufacturers, drawing on the expertise of industry professionals to deliver impactful solutions.

Unified Toolkit

Integrated Process Management

Enhanced Design Capabilities

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our commitment to excellence has earned the trust of leading manufacturers, who rely on our software to drive their operational success.

Client Testimonials

“Duform’s software has revolutionized our production processes, enabling us to achieve greater efficiency and precision in our operations.”

Deena Levies, Acme Manufacturing

“The seamless integration and dedicated support provided by Duform have significantly enhanced our manufacturing capabilities.”

Tom Smithenson, Precision Engineering

“Duform’s intelligent automation tools have been instrumental in driving continuous improvement and operational excellence within our facilities.”

Tilly Green, TechFab Solutions

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Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with our advanced technology solutions.

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